Speaking Topics

Life Hacking Your Mind: How to Bring More of What You Want Into Your Life Discover the real secret behind the Law of Attraction by discovering why and how focus is intimately linked with actions. We really can get more of what we desire. Arlene will give easy to implement, research-based tools for bringing meaningful (and lasting) change into your life.

Master Your Emotions: Don’t Let the Demands of Life Get the Best of You Arlene speaks to Personal Warning Signs and how to develop a Trigger Plan, so you can stay comfortably in the driver’s seat of your own life. We can’t control all the stress in our lives, but we CAN control how we show up and respond to it. Understanding this brings an enormous change to the dynamic of the parent/child relationship, AND the overall sense of calm in our homes. It’s a win – win for everyone!

From Crazy to Calm: How to Manage Stress in as Little as One Minute All hell can break loose when you hit a Code Red situation, so let’s gather tools that bring us back to a calm center fast! Arlene will give simple, doable, research-based tools along with ways to incorporate them into your everyday life.

Relinquish Your Mama Guilt: How to Say Goodbye to What Doesn’t Serve You OR Your Family Discover the secrets to losing your mama guilt and learn how to stay present, loving, and joy filled with your family. You will discover how to stay well anchored even when life gets stormy.  

Daily Prep: Tools to Create Stress-Free Days Being prepared can make or break your days. Organization, communication, and healthy eating is key to maintaining a strong foundation for living. Learn simple tools and strategies to use each and every day that will set you up for success.  

Mindful Eating: Simple Tools to Stop Stress Eating and Begin Eating for Vitality If you’re sick of eating under stress or even off your kids’ plates only to feel guilty afterward, then this workshop is for you! Arlene will teach you the tools needed to make good choices and how to eat mindfully in any situation, either at home or out and about town.

Family Rituals and Routine: Creating Lasting Memories That Are Meaningful, and Fun for You and Your Kids Daily living and holidays don’t have to be stressful. Gather tools and learn how to set up non-negotiables for making everyday life and holidays foundation building for a loving, peaceful, and fun-filled family life.  

Meditation for Mamas: How to Turn Your Calm ON, and Why it Works! Arlene specializes in finding pathways to calm. Meditation is a powerful way to turn calm ON that’s doable and accessible for everyone. She gives simple tools, along with practical strategies and a deeper understanding of how and why meditation allows moms to bring more calm, clarity, and connection to their everyday lives. This means moms can show up for their many roles from a place that’s anchored in calm which translates into less reactive behaviors with their kids and more compassion in all areas of their lives.  

In life, the doors are always open and the information is abundant. The key is in knowing how to apply that information in your life towards real and meaningful change that’s lasting. That’s the focus with Arlene’s work. The why’s behind why we do what we do, and what to do about it.

Every tool and strategy learned with Arlene can transcend to your children, family, and loved ones. We are all an instrument of life, learn how to keep yours tuned for a life in harmony.

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