restore JOY ~ reclaim SANITY ~ revitalize Y-O-U
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Welcome to Life in Harmony

with Arlene Figueroa

Integrating all of the essentials for womens wellness and

nourishing the woman within the mom is how to keep

this instrument of Life in Harmony

that’s the focus around here  ~ Welcome!

Navigating through this crazy beautiful journey of motherhood is not without it’s challenges and when a mom learns how to restore Joy, reclaim Sanity, and revitalize Herself – it’s a win for her AND everyone she cares for.

Learning how to do this isn’t just by acquiring more information. It’s also about applying that information towards a womens wellness strategy that works to improve your life.

Motherhood & Selfcare

Here you’ll find workshops and course offerings designed and built around integrating the essentials for womens wellness – because life is integrated (there are no fences in the mind – body connection). By using real world, easy to apply life rhythm teachings & tools for everyday living, the strategies are practical and game changing. It’s for the woman who wants to invest in herself, so she can show up for the life she desires and for all those she loves.

It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing better.

Here we cover the essentials for womens wellness,
and the why’s…
AND to start putting a few tools in your box.

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Work with Arlene

First Essentials in Wellness:

Laying the Foundation of Interconnections in Y-O-U
Discover how stress – calm – food – restorative rest – hormones – and aligned living combine by design for your health and vitality.

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The Art of the Journey:

A curriculum designed for moms who want to be equipped with practical tools that work in everyday living (for real). This is a step-by-step system created to restore joy, reclaim sanity, and revitalize Y-O-U. A full year – full circle journey that’s fully supported and delivered from within a maternal network.

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