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Dedicated to nourishing the woman within the mom.

Here at Life in Harmony, exceptional womens programs are geared towards serving the needs of mothers, women, and caretakers who want to live vibrant lives again. This means education organized for application – through guided journeys – using a set-by-step system for application in life (real life).

Womens Education Programs include, but are not limited to:

First Essentials in Wellness   

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Laying the Foundation of Interconnections in Y-O-U

  • Discover how stress – calm – food – restorative rest – hormones – and aligned living combine by design for your health and vitality.This is big picture living and connection.The focus is on integrating this beautiful instrument of life that we are by laying the very foundation for living in harmony.
  • This is a six week women’s education course offering, delivered in a fully supported online group forum. Weekly modules are released and at-your-pace.


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A 10-week fundamental course designed to blow the doors wide open and provide clarity around food, vitality, and what it takes to truly nourished.

  • Because it’s important to know how to feed (and nourish) the body you’re in.
  • It’s filled with simple strategies for a lifetime of success.

The Art of Mothering

  • A curriculum designed for moms who want to be equipped with practical tools that work in everyday living (for real). By using a step-by-step system that was created to restore joy, reclaim sanity, and to revitalize Y-O-U, this program is fully supported and delivered from within a maternal network of support.
  • This is a full year’s journey through motherhood. This is guided, but still at-your-pace, with action steps that build upon the materials (and they work), all from within a system of support. This is not just more information ~  this is information organized for application.

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with Arlene Figueroa

Workshops and women’s education classes run throughout the year.

All offerings are delivered in a group format through a fully supported online community using video and audio classes delivered to you along with the supporting life work materials for each class. This allows you the freedom of accessing the classes at your convenience AND having the connection of community.
ALL offerings are built from the Basic 6 essentials for well-being.

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It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing better.

Here we cover the education essentials for womens well-being,
and the why’s…
AND to start putting a few tools in your box.

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