Dedicated to nourishing the woman within the mom.

Here at Life in Harmony, exceptional women’s programs are geared towards serving the needs of mothers, women, and caretakers who want to live vibrant lives. This means education organized for application.

Women’s Education Programs include:

Self-led online

Roots & WingsA Mother’s Journey for Self-Renewal

***This is my signature and first essentials course offered in a self-led E-format***

  • Discover how stress – calm – food – restorative rest – hormones – and aligned living combine by design for your health and vitality.This is big picture living and connection.The focus is on integrating this beautiful instrument of life that we are by laying the very foundation for living in harmony.
  • This is a six class women’s education course offering, delivered online. Modules are available immediately upon sign-up. Learn at-your-pace and layer back as needed.

Small Shifts ~ Graces & Permissions

A first stop & stand alone class

#1 for understanding why self-care is essential care and not to be confused with selfish or indulgent, because self-care = self-preservation. Foundational insight and answers along with real strategies for how to implement meaningful change in your life.


Nourish the Pleasure of Eating – Ditch restriciton and embrace what’s possible…

Nourish is a course designed to blow the doors wide open and provide clarity around food and the information it is for vitality. Find out what it takes for you to be truly nourished.


Private Coaching Sessions

  • Small adjustments can make a HUGE difference in how you show up in life. ~ We’ll find yours.
  • Stretch into new beliefs that quiet your monkey mind. ~ And gain valuable insight.
  • Show up for yourself when you think you can’t, but you will. ~ I’ll hold you accountable.
  • Be the best version of yourself – without apology. ~ Because you get to choose YOU.

Step Out from Chaos and Into Calm!

Learn how do motherhood differently with this private coaching program designed just for you!

  • Do you lack the knowledge to access calm through awareness of mind, body, and spirit?
  • Do you give yourself permission to feel and experience everything without shame, guilt or fear?
  • Can you recognize the warnings and identify triggers to stress? Do you know how to turn stress off?
  • Would you like to build a bridge over obstacles that hold you back.

Guided Groups

Body Wisdom – Nourish the Woman Within.

  • Designed for the woman who’s wants a deeper understanding of her own interconnected systems influencing mind, body and spirit.
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life to achieve optimal health.
  • Shift and align your mind, body, and spirit for pathways to vitality.


A 10-week fundamental course designed to blow the doors wide open and provide clarity around food, vitality, and what it takes to truly be nourished.

  • Because it’s important to know how to feed (and nourish) the body you’re in.
  • Know how to get back on track and learn to ditch the guilt.
  • Filled with simple and do-able strategies for a lifetime of success.

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Workshops, women’s education classes, and self-led learning courses built from the Basic 6 essentials for well-being are offered throughout the year.

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It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing better.

Here we cover the education essentials for womens well-being,
and the why’s…
AND to start putting a few tools in your box.

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