Beautiful words of praise . . .

I took this course from Arlene at exactly the right time in my life when I needed new methods of coping with life’s hard things! Her gentle voice began to speak truth into my dark places where I thought self care meant selfish and self centered living. Quite the contrary, if your cup is empty, there is none for anyone else either! She explains the hormonal cycle of a woman which helps explain why the first half of the month one may feel outgoing and social while the second half one may feel quiet and needing to fill up a different aspect of their inner world. It is okay to know your rhythms and nourish your calm! She has armed me with tools to move into the complexity of my feminine psyche with greater confidence and grace for myself! I highly recommend her teaching if you need permission to serve up some kindness to yourself from an understanding woman who has been there! You will be so glad you did!!!

– Rachel

It’s the fundamental science behind wellness, which was quite a surprise to me in the course. I learned not only techniques, but I was reminded that the biology of us is a critical element of all wellness. I’m so glad that I was able to do this for me, and when I find myself off course again, I know just how to reset.

– Leah

Your gentle approach to reaching out to all women from the inside out is refreshing and has me thinking more deeply about every aspect of my life. You offer a unique way of soul searching and you have a beautiful soft voice that makes each seminar enjoyable to listen to.

Thank you so much for including me on this journey. I appreciate the opportunity and was greatly refreshed and eager to hear what was going to be discussed each week.

– Renee

Arlene’s Roots & Wings course is absolutely life-changing. She guides with such a gentle hand and the changes she asks you to make are so manageable that I was able to feel and live better immediately. There is so much depth and richness layered in each class, from an understanding of what drives our patterns and habits to the physiology behind best practices for self care. I could take these classes again and get something new out of them every time. Thank you Arlene for creating such a wonderful series!

– Anne

I really enjoyed Arlene’s Roots & Wings course and learned a lot!   Arlene is a gentle and effective teacher.   Since listening to Arlene’s course, I find myself truly more calm and rested than I have been in years.  I understand my menstrual cycle and how it relates to my energy levels and symptoms.  This knowledge helps me be more aware of my body and give myself more room for rest when I know I will need it.  Now that I understand these things, I am so surprised these aren’t taught to every woman earlier in life!  Thank you so much, Arlene!

– Amanda, Celina, TX

I want you to know that personally I am pissed that I have to work at being “well”. BUT, after participating in your series I ended up committing to 31 days of yoga with Adriene on Youtube.  It was an amazing synergy.  I do feel like a better human.  I’m still annoyed that I have to put effort into being fit and well, but coming to grips with it. I thought I should be good enough to endure.  I thought I should be able to keep up with what I put out there.  So, when life caught up with me in terms of age I lost my perspective.  After some nourishing moments with you and your classes and some (crazy selfish) “me-time” on the yoga mat, I feel more balanced and ready to forge my path.  I’m sure I have great purpose.  We all do.  It’s finding that purpose that’s so hard.  I really appreciate you believing in all of us.

Big love, Heather

As a mother, I have a tendency to put my family ahead of my own personal needs.  By taking the time to watch the course Roots & Wings, I learned simple steps that I can take to improve my family’s well being along with my own.   Arlene’s expertise and experiences make the video lessons informative and entertaining.  Through sharing her experiences, Arlene helped me to realize improvements that I can make in my life.  The wonderful aspect of the improvements is that they do not take a lot of time to implement.  As a mother time is of the essence.   I realized that taking care of myself leads to a stronger and healthier family.   In my opinion, Roots & Wings is a worthwhile course that can help all mothers!