Calling All Moms!

You are invited to a free workshop created specifically for:

* The mom who’s running at top speed to get through the day  → we’ll blow through time-management myths that don’t serve us.

* The mom who’s so focused on caring for others that she stopped caring for herself  → you can do both.

* The mom who’s made attempts at good self-care practices for renewal, but are not lasting → learn strategies to make simple changes for lasting results.

Learn why self-care for self- renewal is essential.

  • Discover why conventional time management doesn’t work.

  • Learn new ways around challenges with your time, your energy, and your attention.

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Every class teaches from within the Essential 6 Pillars for Wellness and the why’s behind them. That’s where the foundation is established for living a vibrant life – one that’s in harmony – by understanding what’s going on. That means with each class you will receive practical life tools (for real life) along with simple step-by-step strategies so you can always find your life rhythm and have firmly planted anchors in your own life (even when life gets stormy).

Sometimes it’s just a question of being taught. Then,

when we know better, we do better.

It’s that simple.