What are you truly hungry for?


Nourish is a fundamental course designed to blow the doors wide open and provide clarity around food, vitality, and what it takes to be truly nourished.

  • Get the guilt and restriction out of your life

  • Learn how to eat for energy, health, and mood.

  • Clean your body with food to release toxins and weight naturally.

  • Finally understand food as the information it really is for your body and be empowered.

Let’s be honest for a minute, navigating the landscape around food and what to eat is a virtual minefield.

If you’re feeding a family and looking for healthy choices, you’ve got a line of food manufacture’s claiming to have your answer.

If it’s a diet plan you’re after, that industry will keep you locked into their way of eating for a lifetime of management – within their system of course.

Here’s the deal, it doesn’t have to be that way, and quite frankly it shouldn’t be, because we should all have a fundamental understanding of food and understand what it takes to grow, repair, and nourish with food for both our body and mind (yes, our mind too).

Do you know more about the technology you use, than the food you eat?

Are your strategies around food working for you?

Would you like to deepen your understanding around food and be empowered?

Strategies not Prescriptives

Built from the essential pillar of NOURISH and specifically designed for women’s wellness – this course connects the dots between food and nourishment for a life that’s integrated (because we are integrated  ~ there are no fences in the mind – body connection).

By using real world, easy to apply life rhythm teachings & tools for everyday living, the strategies are practical and game changing. This is not a restrictive plan or prescriptive program. It’s for the woman who wants to free herself and invest in herself, so she can show up for the life she desires and for all those she loves.

The Classes

This is on-line and self-led with immediate access upon sign-up. Here’s the line-up we’ll be diving into:

  • Having a Calm Metabolism
  • Nutrient Dense Nourishment
  • Your Personal Cravings Fingerprint
  • Sustainable Energy and Whole Grains
  • Uplifted Moods and Protein
  • Healthy Fats and Mental Health
  • Soul Care: What are you truly hungry for?
  • Gut Health and a Strong Immunity
  • Energetics of Food and Power Snacking  –  what’s right for you?
  • Meal Planning Strategies and Eastern Philosophies

** All of the classes are combined with practical life rhythm tools and teachings designed to keep it simple and easy to incorporate into everyday living.

Nourish Yourself Now

Why It’s Fundamental to Our Design

Because it doesn’t get any more basic than food. We should all know how to eat for vitality and actually Nourish our bodies or we risk the consequences. And let’s be real, we see the consequences daily in our culture.

JUST BECAUSE IT’S COMMON to ask your doctor about prescription drugs that are now being used at an alarming rate, or see overweight adults and children (hello when did this happen?), or suffer from mood swings like a wild person, etc… DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NORMAL!

On a personal note, and why I know this is valuable information. It’s because it got me out of a health crisis back in 1996 when I cured my own IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Yes, I went to the doctor, many doctors, but none of them could offer more than a ‘treatment’ you can think the pink stuff or pills. Not one of them ever thought to ask What do you eat? How’s your lifestyle? None of them offered a cure.

That wasn’t good enough. I wanted answers. I wanted to know the root cause of my problem and learn how to fix it. I needed to nourish my body and keep myself vital.  So I learned. I found the answers and healed myself.

Now on a really personal note, my oldest child was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease type 1 diabetes (T1) in 2015. This is not to be confused with type 2 diabetes, which is rampant in our culture, can be well managed with diet and lifestyle changes, and makes up the majority of diabetes cases. NO, my son’s T1 was brought on by a genetic mutation that caused his pancreas to stop producing adequate insulin for his survival. The warning signs happened fast (24 hour fast) and it wasn’t because of the foods he ate. It was simply because of his genetic predisposition to T1. Needless to say, artificial insulin was needed (is needed daily) and multiple times daily he needs to inject insulin for his survival.

I felt like it was an eviction from my own life upon his diagnosis, because there is no cure for T1 and I knew this was a ‘sentencing’ so-to-speak – and because I desperately wanted to fix my child.

Now, here’s the thing, T1 is not new to me. Even though it’s rare, it happens to run in the family. And it’s a disease I helped pull my husband out from the damaging effects of when I met him over 22 years ago. Yes, he was eating reasonably well, but he didn’t know how to eat for him and that’s a dangerous thing for anyone with diabetes, type 1 and 2. So we learned how to adjust his diet and lifestyle to match the insulin injections needed by people with T1. Those changes brought his 70% functioning kidneys back to 100% while also putting to ‘rest’ many of the other damaging side effects from a disease poorly managed. We did it by understanding the value of nourishment.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I get it. I understand first hand, the value of true nourishment and thank goodness I do, because it’s the only thing that saved me from going into a complete tail spin upon my son’s diagnosis. Now, I’m not claiming a cure (no one can for this disease), but I DO know how to best feed his body, and that’s one of the most important things to know when you’re dealing with this disease or any disorder. What to eat? How to nourish?

We all have to show up for our roles in life. It’s all there waiting for us no matter what,

and it’s up to us, how we want to show up.

If you’re like me, and believe that it’s a good idea to show up in your role from a place of vitality,

with a full cup,

and well nourished

please join me.

Take a step forward and open the door for clarity around nourishment.

Make the investment in Y-O-U and those you love.

This is knowledge needed for this modern world and it’s put together for you.

It’s not just about acquiring more information.

Information is easy to acquire.

What matters is knowing how to put the right information into application – for the real world.

This is what we do here.

We put information into application. With real strategies for the real world. This is how we change for the better.

This is how we empower ourselves for true nourishment and vitality.

When we know better we do better. It’s that simple.

Your life is now.

Want a preview of what to expect?

Here’s a link to a FREE workshop I put together covering:

The Missing link in Nutrition