Calling All Moms!

You’re invited to a workshop full of insight and tools for moms who want to begin working with their bodies for more success around their  energy (for sustainability), weight (for desired body), mood (for sovereign thoughts) and productivity (for showing up as your best).

This hands-on workshop is designed to take the confusion out of balancing our hormones and help clear the way for simple, sustainable strategies to make vibrant living a long-term life habit.

During this class, you’ll be learning …

  •  How to cut through the confusion to gain clarity around the big picture of all your major hormonal systems and how they interact with each other.
  • How your hormones impact your everyday living –  like your metabolism, your cravings, your moods and your productivity among other things.
  • What you are likely doing that is causing major haywire in your hormone realm (too many women fall into these traps, I did).
  • What YOU can be doing instead solid strategies, practical tips and doable steps on what you can do right now to start shifting into biochemical harmony and nurture your hormones back toward working FOR YOU, not against you.

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Every class teaches from within the Essential 6 Pillars for Wellness and the why’s behind them. That’s where the foundation is established for living a vibrant life – one that’s in harmony – by understanding what’s going on. That means with each class you will receive practical life tools (for real life) along with simple step-by-step strategies so you can always find your life rhythm and have firmly planted anchors in your own life (even when life gets stormy).

Sometimes it’s just a question of being taught. Then,

when we know better, we do better.

It’s that simple.