This post is a loving reminder (or first-time memo)…

As you already know, there are bridges everywhere in our world – both virtual and real. Today I want to talk about 2 of the virtual ones that are within you right now and are often hidden in plain sight.

Mental bridges:

  1. One that’s best built as a drawbridge.
  2. One that’s best built for full and immediate access.

First, let’s talk about the draw bridge. Things affect our thoughts all the time from the outside world. And if you think about it, for things to affect us they need to first gain entry into our inner world. Which means they need to cross a bridge of connection. That bridge is our thoughts, AND it functions best as a drawbridge. That’s because we do our best when we can draw the bridge for stopping the flow of traffic that then breaks connections that don’t serve you. Does that make sense?

Stopping the flow of traffic and allowing for a different connection.

Now for the second bridge (your primary bridge), the one that’s best designed and built for full and immediate access. It’s one that you may not even know you have, but it’s there – and you feel it – even if it’s just in memories. It’s the bridge that connects your mind to your soul (intuition) – which is really your heart level ‘gut’ knowing – and it’s never wrong. But here’s the thing about this bridge, it’s often damaged. That’s because over time and with the conditioning of culture, we learn to not trust our gut, and that’s never a good thing. Why?

Because it breaks a part of you off from who you are (and who you were) before people told you otherwise and your mind believed it.

You see, our minds are really good at believing our thoughts (which can often be lies) that were placed there by other people that you then learn to accept as your own. There’s usually a lot of that going on when your primary bridge is damaged.

You can fix it.

You see, there’s an order of things that need to be in place and followed if we want to live our best life. AND that order requires these bridges to function and serve us on our journey while having the right order of traffic flow in place. I know this order, and I have the blueprints for the design.

I’m the person you’ll find ready, willing, and capable of looking for where and how a bridge can be repaired and built back better, with order restored. I see people over divides.

How can I support you?