A few how’s and why’s behind a routine worth investing your time in.

For many of us, when we hear ‘spring cleaning’ we think of it in terms of what we need to do for cleaning out our homes and releasing the weight from a seasons buildup of dust bunnies, mucky things, and other remnants of winter living. But I like to take it further and place that notion into a bigger picture of living and think in terms of ‘what I need to do for cleansing my whole life’ because that’s what cleaning is – a cleansing for renewal.

Why not go big and incorporate the whole?

You see, one of the things I’ve learned for sure over my lifetime, is that life’s integrated. What we do in one area of our life, will inevitably affect other areas and so on. That’s why I like to filter things through a bigger of picture living where I can, so I can maximize returns on investments.

When we choose to raise our self-care practices around our body, mind and spirit, we will inevitably be affecting our relationships too, because the way in which we show up for them will be different – a good different.

That idea by extension can translate into a whole life cleansing when you factor in the positive affects of cleaning one area to benefit another. In other words, a whole life cleansing to include self, relationships, and home will benefit each other.

A starting point is to think about what it takes to replenish ourselves, so we can live and lead vital lives. Check-ins are a way to see where we are, so we can decide what’s needed, to stay well-grounded in our lives. Personally, I do many check-ins. Some are daily (hour to hour or moment to moment even), then there’s weekly ones, monthly, and so forth. Think of them like a day planner or calendar, with built in reminders, only these are reminders to make sure you’re keeping your own self well-cared for, so you can stay vibrant.

Because let’s be honest, we all must show up in our lives and meet our responsibilities. How we show up for them, is in how well we care for ourselves – and that’s up to us.

When spring is upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to do a seasonal check-in to see where and how we might need to shine the light a little brighter in different areas of our lives so that we can shine.

Spring whole life cleansing is another way to layer in good self-care practices for our bodies, life, and home that will translate into vitality throughout. Here’s a peak into what that might look like.

For the body:

I’m a HUGE fan of herbal teas. I drink several cups daily and change them up throughout the year. In the spring, I’m thinking about cleaning out from the weight of winter. That leads me to think about cleaning and supporting my liver, because in the body, it’s the liver that’s the master ‘house cleaner’ and so to support the wonder that our liver does for our bodies, I think in terms of tonics through teas like dandelion, milk thistle, and burdock. All of which support detoxification and healthy functioning of the liver.

Adding teas into a daily mix brings cleansing properties to a self-care routine and is a good tool to support this transitional time.

For life:

Beyond my immediate family, I like to really think about who’s getting my time, my energy, and my attention. These are our life currencies, and we all have them to spend. However, we need to spend them wisely, so they bring us some return in exchange for investment in what we pay out.

The people who we surround ourselves with are the first place to take inventory. Are they life giving or life draining? Do you feel replenished after spending time with them or are you feeling like you were with an energy vampire? These are all things to consider as we think about where we might need to do some ‘cleansing’ in our lives and relationships.

Reflective journaling is a powerful tool here. By simply writing down your thoughts on your current life situations, you’re able to call on an organizational power that will help you sort through the clutter.

For home:

It’s natural for me to want to air things out and do some deep cleaning throughout the home. Moving furniture and cleaning underneath is something I typically do. Straightening out the linen closet is a no-brainer for me. Beyond that though, it’s a perfect time to raid and clean the pantry.

Taking the time to go through the items in your pantry is a perfect way to start the spring fresh. I’ve been known to have a few good intentioned purchases hanging around that I just never got around to using. Sometimes my head gets romanced by the idea of trying something new, but then the familiar happens and they’re forgotten. Other items might have expired since they’ve taken up residence in your pantry and need to be escorted out.

Whatever it is, from a panty to a bathroom cabinet and anything in between, organizing and doing a little spring cleaning in an area of your home that needs attention, is a good way to feel refreshed and uplifted in your home and by extension your body and mind too – we’re connected that way.

So that’s the idea behind whole life cleansing in a nutshell.

I’d love to hear what parts rang true for you too.

Please send me an email to share your thoughts and experiences around Whole Life Cleansing.