When we want to achieve a new goal, we need a starting point. Sounds easy enough right? So what’s next? What if that goal is better health? Maybe you need to lose weight, or get rid of bad habits that are pulling you down. How do we find a starting point and what do we do next? This may sound simple, but it can be a very challenging and overwhelming idea for many.

We all have an inherent healing power that resides within us. We usually know when things are out of balance. How many of you have heard or said things like:

• I know I should eat better

• I know I need to lose weight

• I know I don’t exercise enough

• I know it isn’t good for me

• I know…

We know exactly what is wrong, but for many of us we don’t take action to help ourselves.

So why do we procrastinate and not do what we know should be done? Simple, we were never taught. We were never taught to put our own health first. We were never taught the importance of self-care. Taught to understand that we are responsible for our own life and well-being.

Without the knowledge of self-care along with a good understanding of health and wellness, we can easily become out of balance. There we remain helpless. We can only wait unwittingly for the onset of disease and illness to happen before we might need to make an effort towards change.

Experience has been an amazing educator for me. I have witnessed the powerful healing that takes place when we arm ourselves with the knowledge to heal. I have seen diseased conditions reverse and heal. I have witnessed firsthand what our bodies are capable of doing when we’re equipped with the tools we need to keep it in balance and well-tuned.

What I have learned by shear observation is that our body, mind, and soul are all connected like an instrument.

~We are an Instrument of Life~

In our body ~ from the foods we eat.

In our mind ~ the inherent filters through which we view and interpret the world.

In our soul ~ the summation of life and what drives us


Our body.

Like an instrument, our body has many tenants coming together. Each playing their own role in maintaining our systemic stability, or the harmony in our body. To keep it in tune we need to feed ourselves, both physically and mentally. The physical foods we eat is our starting point or foundation. The relationships we create are our driving force. Keeping everything in balance is what contributes to good health and well-being.

Our mind.

Our lives are as individuals, though we may share our lives with many, we are only one body viewing life through our own unique prism, it is the sum of our experiences. Our insight and forethoughts are ever evolving and influenced by everything. Keeping the mental clutter and visual pollution out, while managing what comes in, is all critical to our well-being. Your mental state can absolutely have a physical effect of your body.

Our soul.

Our soul is like the summation of the life we’ve created and the relationships we developed. It’s our zest for life and our driving force. A spiritual fulfillment center.

Body, mind, and soul come together to make our instrument of life. We need to nourish it, maintain it, and feed it properly to create harmony in our health and well-being. How you want your instrument to resonate through the years is up to you.

We have the ability to heal an imbalanced or diseased condition. It may take patience, persistence and the will to succeed, but you are worth it. Learn how to put your health first and use self-care for your preventative health-care.

Here are some simple and ongoing steps for activating your body’s inherent healing power:


STEP ONE – Take responsibility for your health/illness. This is your life and your health, own it. It is yours.


STEP TWO – Become aware of your physical body and pay attention to how it “feels” on a daily basis:

1. Is it sore or aching?

2. Do you have vibrant energy?

3. Are you tired and struggling to get through the day?

4. How are you sleeping, is it restful?

5. Is your digestive system functioning properly?

If your body is not in-tune and functioning properly it’s time for essential self-care. You may want to hire a health coach!


STEP THREE – Eat clean! Every bite of food we eat becomes our cells, our blood, our organs, our body, our mind and by extension our soul and spirit. I believe that when we eat, we bring from the earth into ourselves. We truly are what we eat; quite literally! If we eat food loaded with indigestible chemical substances that impair the immune system, create inflammation, and contribute to disease, we diminish the creation of vibrant health.

Purchase whole foods that are grown naturally. This means avoid GMO varieties. GMO’s come from a lab and not nature. Obtaining locally grown and seasonal produce is ideal. Know that some foods are O.K. to eat if grown conventionally, but others should only be eaten if grown organically. Prepare your clean, real, and whole food with love and enjoy ~ it’s that simple!


STEP FOUR – Your emotional body. Learn to recognize behavior patterns that may or may not be supportive to your health. Discover who you are and what your relationship is to the world around you. Find out what fills your soul. This is where body, mind and soul come together and play in your beautiful instrument of life.


STEP FIVE – Incorporate healing techniques and practices that support balance within your body, mind and soul. Some healing methods include acupuncture, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, chiropractic, meditation and so many others. Find what works for you.

“It’s your life and your health, own it and thrive!”