Diets, fads, and restricted philosophies of eating can be daunting. They are often like a shadowing guilt clouding over our daily decisions about the food we eat. The joyful and pleasurable act of eating is too often shrouded in confusion and fear over questions like – is this healthy?

What if there was a way to satisfy cravings, maximize health benefits, achieve weight loss goals, and remedy a host of other health issues along the way?

Here it is – eat more whole fruits and especially vegetables. Really, it’s that simple. Many of us just aren’t getting enough.

So what’s a good way to make sure we are getting enough of these fruits and vegetables into our bodies for fueling and maximizing our micronutrients for good health?

Try a Vegan before 6 approach

Mark Bittman, Food Writer for the New York Times, came up with this ingenious strategy for weight-loss and weight management when he was faced with some health issues related to being over-weight himself. Rather than going the conventional and suggested route of surgery or drugs, he decided to use food for his cure. He ended up losing the weight, restoring his health and maximizing the benefits through a food philosophy that works. It was such a success and source of constant query that he wrote a book about it entitled, VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health. . . For Good.

According to Bittman, the cheating is built in. One of the first questions people ask him about the diet is “Can I put milk in my coffee? I can’t live without putting milk in my coffee.” His answer is yes. He admits to breaking the rules all the time. But says it’s a common-sense thing. “There’s a big difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of milk or cream in your coffee and two cheeseburgers or a large fry.”

What’s great about this idea is its simplicity. Anyone, regardless of their diet philosophies, can do this without feeling stuck or deprived in a restricting diet day after day or month after month. The beauty of this approach is that it only requires enough will power to hold out until 6!

Even with today’s dietary theories, fads, and philosophies some of which are now approaching the realm of a new religion, I don’t think anyone is arguing over whether or not plants are good for our bodies. Fruits and especially vegetables are not only allowed, but agreed upon for every known diet that works and is healthy for you. And they should be. Even science agrees and says that we should be eating more foods from the plant kingdom, less processed foods, and fewer animal products (especially from factory confined farming). That much is pretty clear. Using the VB 6 strategy is good for doing that.

Why does it work?

Nutrient Density. Fruits and veggies are nutrient dense, which means they are packed full of essential micronutrients that fuel our systems. When we have the nutrients we need, cravings diminish, because our bodies are no longer looking for them.

• Fiber. Along with the nutrient dense package comes fiber that helps us keep it all moving along through (and out) our systems. Fiber comes in soluble and insoluble form. Insoluble fiber acts like a sweeper. Think street cleaner moving through our digestive system cleaning out debris. Soluble fiber’s job is to attach with bile and toxins in our system and move the waste where it belongs – out of our bodies.


Looking for a lasting solution to weight management and health?

This may be it. A good strategy for weight loss, resolving health issues, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits could be you doing VB6.