If I didn’t witness it for myself, I would not have fully believed it.
We did a 21 day energy experiment in our house. It’s my desire (desperation) to get my oldest two children to give up the bickering that plagues our lives on a near daily basis.

I have three little people ages 10, 8, and 7. My 7 year old has an inherent wisdom about her. She’s very content and happy. She’s our ‘glue’ because no one fights with her. She just doesn’t put herself out there for it.

My other two are at each other’s throats frequently. It’s a battle for the last word or who’s first or I TOLD YOU SO! It is love/hate all the way. It’s nothing I’ve ever fostered. They just came out that way.

So I decided to try an experiment I saw. We cut an apple in half and placed the halves in separate containers. We treated one with love and kindness and all good things. Then we cursed the other one with everything bad. What’s the worst that can happen I thought?

Well to my surprise here’s what happened…

First I was not even anticipating the insight I would get through listening to the words my children used to love up the ‘good apple’. It was all very sweet and loving with tenderness and gushy cuteness. THEN I heard the ‘bad apple’ shame and blame and you are no good bad words; some of the verbiage sounded all too familiar and I thought OMG that’s me!? YES it was very enlightening. I got a wake-up call like nobody’s business and let me just say that it will be remembered.

Anyway, here’s the other really cool thing that happened. It worked!
Even when you can’t see the energy, it’s there. My kids witnessed a lesson in the power of words through an apple of all things??? And they are more aware of the energy they are putting out towards each other. It’s not perfect yet, but a seed was planted for sure! We all learned quite a bit.

This experiment was all the proof positive I needed to understand the power of words (energy).