I feel like I’m living a life of clichés. I get it now. All the things you hear your whole life from the older wiser set has meaning. At the moment I’m really feeling ‘the years fly by the older you get’ one and I’m not willing to waste another moment. So as I write this article from a state of slight disbelief that yet another year is almost over, I share with you a few things I’ve added to my repertoire over the years, and I hope you find it helpful.

This is not a ritual meant to bring out guilt or resolutions, it’s ALL about taking a mental inventory of where you’ve been and where you want to go. ABOUT what you want in your life and what you need to let go. And since we all get to our goals from different directions, please know that this is meant to be informative and not prescriptive.


Think deep thoughts. Find the time and space to be alone. Really alone. No background chatter and no impending catastrophe about to happen. As a mother of three little ones, this is the time when I’m desperately away from my children and still missing them at the same time. You get the picture. Then, after you found that quiet alone space, think about the following:

What were the memorable moments from this past year?

Cherished memories?

Painful Memories?

What things didn’t I get to this year? Why?

Who or what had the biggest impact on me this year? Why?

What do I want to repeat?

What do I want to let go of?

How have I created or nurtured my relationships this year?

How have I nourished my body this year?

How have I nurtured my passions this year?



Write it ALL down. Seriously, get it out on paper. I used to think that thoughts were enough, but here’s the thing. The act of writing things down, sets the wheels in motion for a deeper understanding of thought. It’s chemistry, because your brain is functioning in more ways to form organization by writing. From an organization of thoughts comes power.

Here’s what’s happening in the background of this exercise. It sets the stage for mindful intention. From intention a seed is planted. If a seed can be planted, that means there is a ground for it to be held. That ground is alertness. That is where you start to invoke a priority based organizational power into your life that’s a game changer for growth. It’s a game change because you are now aware of your decisions in a way that’s no longer a life living on default drive, but rather, one that’s crafted with thought and intent. Are you with me?

Now this doesn’t mean things are going to be easy. It means that you are creating a space or a container for your thoughts in a way that it may not have been there before. You see, when you create that container in your life, you are able to start filling it, because the space will be there when you’re ready to put something in. Got it?



Moving forward…

What are your biggest desires for the New Year?

What are three goals that you want to achieve?

What am I committed to do this coming year to create a self-care practice that nourishes my life?

For a calm mind?

Nourished body?

Restorative rest?

Aligned living?

Authentic connection?

Joyful movement?

What components of your life should be filled in and added here? What matters to you?

Please allow time for all of these steps. Do it over the course of a few days if that’s what it takes. The whole point is to focus enough on what really matters. That focus is determined by you and the clarity you have for where you want your life to grow.

Also, remember this is not about limits (dream big), no judgement (it doesn’t serve you), just your desire and intention for action in your life. What’s yours?

It’s not about right.

Enjoy your new beginning… Happy New Year!