It’s been a while since my last newsletter went out or a serious blog entry was submitted. For those of you who are current clients, you know why, but for those of you who are not, let me quickly fill you in on my recent journey.

My ten year old son, Chance, was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease type 1 diabetes on February 27th of this year. My world became dark. Although diabetes in not unknown to me, as my loving husband of 19+ years has it, it’s not something that you want to pass along to your children. I’ve worked passionately and relentlessly over the years since I met my husband, trying to understand this insidious disease and trying to prevent it in our children. It’s the very reason I went into health coaching. Who knew I’d actually like learning about diseased states along with the food and lifestyles that manage and even heal them?

Yet nothing prepares you for the news that your child is now facing a struggle with this lifelong disease. One day they are perfectly normal and the next they are clearly not and you learn that it’s your new reality. Like it or not you have just crossed the threshold into a medical nightmare. You know it’s not your fault, yet the blame game quickly starts playing in your head – what if I did???

After the initial shock and when the emotions settled a bit I was very happy that I at least knew what we were facing. I could not even imagine what a parent who knows nothing of this disease must go through. The feelings of helplessness and confusion could be enough to send you into a downward spiral of relentless grief. My heart goes out to them – deeply.

In the days after Chance’s hospital stay and with an attitude of ‘game on’ my family pulled together. We talked a great deal about what was happening, why it happened and what to do about it. My son understood that it was nobody’s fault and even though it didn’t seem fair, it’s now ours. We have to own this. So with that in mind we did an overhaul of our already healthy eating habits.

We knew that high carbohydrates were no longer welcomed at our table (organic or not). We talked even more than we usually did about food choices and why they matter. In short, my kids, who were already pretty savvy with respect to eating, got an advanced education. It was essential for them to understand the true role of food in our lives.

Along with our many food conversations came, what I believe, was the most important conversations, the beyond food component of life and that’s our joy and reason for living. We talked about what’s important in life and why the food that fills our bellies and becomes our bodies is really just a second hand position in our lives. What really matters at the end of the day, is the joy we give and receive with the ones we love. That is the gift. That is the reason for living. Because at the end of the day, life is a novelty, and it’s our gift. Embrace each day with a smile.

With love and gratitude,