Starting a family and getting your body ready for conception is important physically as well as mentally. Since everything is ultimately connected it stands to reason that you want to get everything into shape.

I waited until I was older to start my family, it was a conscious decision on my part. For some reason, I just knew that I wasn’t interested in starting a family until I was thirty five. It’s just something I imagined earlier in my adult life and it was my plan. I wasn’t rigid about any of this, it was a guideline I had. After all it is my life I was deciding on. I knew enough about myself to know that it was important for me to feel ready for the responsibility of little people in my life. Thankfully, my husband shared the same goals.

So after nine beautiful years together with my husband, I turned thirty five. It was August 3rd 2004. By the end of August we conceived our first child. It didn’t come as any surprise to me that we conceived so easily and quickly. I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t even question my health or my ability to become pregnant. So I was shocked when not only my husband, but also myself, were bombarded with questions about how we did it. It became the norm for people we worked with or barely knew from around town to just come out and ask us “How long did it take you?” Or “What kind of fertility treatments did you use?” These were not only very personal and awkward questions, but questions I never even thought about. Then I realized this is real. This is increasingly the norm in our society. The stories and questions kept coming in, they never stopped. My heart went out to so many people with each and every conversation about fertility problems. Beyond the genetic factors: I can’t help but question if food and/or lifestyle choices may have something to do with it?

What have we done in our society that so many fertility clinics are opening?



Understanding the importance of eating real and whole foods is critical for maintaining health and well-being in this modern world. Food and lifestyle choices matter even before you conceive. Good or bad, the seemingly small, over time can add up to something big and it can impact your health for better or for worse.

For decades now we have witnessed the devastating effects of industrial food hitting our population. For the first time in history it is predicted that the older generation will outlive the younger one. How crazy is that? Why is this happening? Much of it is happening because so many of the foods we eat are really just food like substances made in factories. They are stripped, processed and transformed into something our bodies barely recognize and are depleted of their life giving nutrients. These food substances are put through the manufacturing mills and are meant to last in the supermarket. They are filled with chemicals and preservatives to provide a shelf-life. But at what cost?