Gluten Sensitivity –  A Reason Wheat is Causing Allergies

In this modern world of real time information fed to us through cutting edge technology one might think that nothing of major importance could sneak under the mainstream media radar, but it does.

Researchers have correlating links to conventional farming practices and the rise of celiac disease brought on by gluten sensitivity due to wheat allergies and other gluten containing plant products. Yet where is this information on the evening news or any other mainstream media outlet? Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities are on the rise and reaching epidemic proportions. Yet it’s only been within the last ten years or so that anyone really knew or even heard about celiac disease. Beyond the few with genetic risk factors, this was not something that past generations suffered from in these numbers. Today, it’s common to go into a grocery store and find gluten free products or even whole sections dedicated to gluten free alternatives, because wheat or gluten containing plant products are no longer safe to eat for so many. It has become the new normal.

What baffles me time and time again, is why the mainstream media isn’t all over this topic; as people are running around trying to feed their families and increasingly facing more challenges. How accepting many of us are of this new reality. How confused and frustrated others are. Are we so fast moving and so quick to switch gears that we can’t slow down enough to question “What’s going on?” We should be concerned when a staple of the human diet for centuries is proving to no longer be safe for many of us to consume. Beyond genetic risk factors, which some of us do carry, why is it the new normal to have wheat allergies or ‘gluten sensitivity’?

GMO crops have been on the warning radar for many years now. We know that there’s a major conflict being battled out before the government, the people, and the major food manufactures for labeling of GMO products in the market place. As of 2013 a bill in California for the labeling of GMO foods was shot down, but not by much and the battle is far from over. Major crops in the U.S. including corn, soy, and beets used for sugar are now predominantly GMO varieties. GMO crops have been suspected and linked to a host of diseases stemming from digestive disorders to cancers. The major reason for these health threatening links is due to the high usage of glyphosate (the main ingredient in Round Up weed killer) in the growing of these crops. Research now proves that glyphosate kills gut bacteria that is essential for good health, digestion, and therefore life.

Celiac disease stems from a digestive disorder similar to digestive disorders showing up as a result of glyphosate exposure. However, celiac is associated with wheat and wheat is not a GMO crop.

So what’s happening with our wheat?

Here’s what’s happening:

Even though wheat is not a GMO crop, the major problem associated with GMO crops, namely glyphosate usage, is actively utilized for the production of wheat. What is completely shocking is how it’s being used. The method is called ‘Desiccant Harvesting’, and Glyphosate is used to ‘kill’ the wheat to get it ready for harvest. By spraying the wheat crop with glyphosate, farmers are able to not only ‘time’ the harvest, but maximize the harvest and here’s why. Glyphosate causes the wheat plant to die. As the plant goes into the dying process, a survival mechanism in the plant triggers the maximum release of seeds. This is a survival strategy plants have evolved over the millennia and it is something Mother Nature provided for the continuation of life. Not bad right?

What happens when the glyphosate is sprayed on the wheat is a chain reaction leading to contaminated wheat, because you can’t wash this stuff off. The glyphosate is sprayed to kill the wheat. The wheat plant goes into die off mode thereby releasing the maximum amount of seed (in this case wheat berries) to be harvested for use in our food products. The farmers can then predictably harvest the wheat crop at the same time for maximum yield, because the whole process was facilitated by the use of glyphosate. So even though glyphosate is not used during the growing process, as it is with GMO crops, it is absolutely used for the harvest. The residue is there and now we have a growing population of people with wheat allergies due to gluten sensitivity, because our gut bacteria is being killed by the glyphosate, leading to leaky gut and so the story goes… Who thinks this is a good idea?

Other crops harvested using this desiccation method include dried beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, and sugar beets. It would be wise to buy organic for these crops.

I am not here to be the food police, or stand on a soapbox, but simply to share information. What you do with it is up to you, but this information was just plain shocking when I learned of it recently. Realizing that this practice is not supporting good health, knowing the scientific evidence is there, and yet it went under the mainstream media radar for so long was very disturbing news. This is important stuff to know. You would think that it would be worthy of making headlines everywhere.

So what do we do?

Stop buying wheat that’s not organic for starters. Vote with your dollars and do not support this crop. Look into alternatives to wheat and start employing an eating strategy that’s supportive of good health and life supporting energy.

Since no one diet fits everyone, it’s important to find what works for you and your family. You want to find the foods that give you lasting energy and make you feel good throughout the day. The experts can be dizzying on this topic. Should I be a Vegetarian, Vegan, or do I want to eat meat? What about Paleo? What is Paleo? Is it safe to eat butter again, I read the headlines? If you’re like me, it can be daunting just keeping up with the Dogma’s of eating we have developed. That said, I don’t hear anyone arguing over eating more vegetables! Still, if you don’t know where to start and need help – you may want to consider calling a health coach. Certified health coaches are the new layer between the doctors and patients. The people who can guide you through this sometimes confusing world of information and the ever evolving knowledge of nutrition. They can help you find the balance you need to create your best life.

Now more than ever it seems that we need to source more of our own information to accurately view both sides of the glyphosate argument, because the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be doing that objectively anymore; the headlines just don’t support it. Now that a generation of people, and especially children, are being health compromised it’s time to step back and try to see the bigger picture. It’s been said that our kids are the new canaries in the coal mine – the warning of impending danger. That is nowhere our kids belong. How did it come to this? Why is this happening? What steps do we need to take in order to move forward and regain the health of our generation and the future ones to come?

There’s many reasons for the plethora of diseases and disorders appearing in today’s chemical laden society, but we do know that glyphosate is one of them. We do know enough to get many on the road to recovery. People are getting cured from these modern ailments. Moving forward, we need to keep our awareness high and know that the information is coming in. We just need to keep looking for it.