This is a kid friendly smoothie (adult too). If you want to start green and don’t know where, try this one!

Yields approx. 4 servings 8 oz.


½ banana, peeled

1 ½ C green grapes

1 medium orange, whole, peeled with pith intact

1 ince think slice pineapple with core, peeled

2 C fresh spinach, packed

1 whole diameter slice of lime ½ inch-1 inch thick, unpeeled

1-2 T honey or sweetener of choice

1 C ice cubes *


Place all ingredients in a blender and whiz until combined.


*ice may be omitted if fruits or spinach is frozen, add ¾ C water instead


This smoothie is ideal to drink along with meals or snacks that contain fat and protein for a slower absorption rate. To make it a meal in itself try adding coconut oil or flax seed oil (1-2 T) for healthy fat along with chia seeds (1-2 T) for added fiber and protein. These additions will help to maintain an even blood sugar for steady energy.