I read a lot and I’ve read about many different experiences governing the issues of vaccination. Both pro, against, and clearly undecided in the middle. Pro follows the medical establishments claim that this will prevent your child from acquiring these diseases and thwart the likelihood of incapacitative illness. Those against, say otherwise.

There have been thousands upon thousands of cases and proven evidence implicating the pharmaceutical companies in facilitating disease, because of the known and harmful ingredients put into vaccines. Ingredients such as thimerosal, formaldehyde, and other preservatives and delivery systems with known side effects. Still they are used. Although it is widely known that thimerosal is out of childhood vaccines, it is still used in flu vaccines (which children also receive). Just reading it makes me sick, because I know there is truth.

What I found out is that we need to read and research this for ourselves. I was very disturbed to find out that never was a test done on the effects of multiple vaccines being administered at one time to a child. That’s right, no study has ever been done on the effects of multiple vaccinations hitting a child’s blood stream at one time. The research simply isn’t there. I looked and looked, but nothing can support the safety of this idea.

With that knowledge in mind, I set off to find information about each and every vaccine on the recommended list. What I found was unsettling to me. For example, I found that the chicken pox vaccine had an efficacy rate of only 76% at best. With no life-long support in immunity. A childhood illness that did nothing more than keep me out of school for a few days at most was now in vaccine form and it didn’t really offer immunity. What’s the point of all this? Who’s the real benefactor here? I could only question more.

What I found was a mess. There’s no clear answer to me. On one hand, I understand the value in the idea of vaccines. On the other hand why does it have to be all or nothing? Because there seems to be no middle ground. If you are going to send your child to a public school, you vaccinate and go according to the schedule or you do nothing. I happen to live in a state that offers no exemptions other than medical or religious. My philosophical reasoning has no weight before the eyes of the law, I do not have the right to pick or choose which vaccines to inject into my children. If I ever want to send my children to public school or even most private ones, I either do or I don’t vaccinate.

It is unfortunate. I would suggest researching this topic and if you choose to vaccinate, speak with your physician about doing single vaccines and scheduling them apart. That way, if there is a reaction to any particular vaccine, you can narrow the focus and assess the damage.

For more information on this highly sensitive topic and possible alternate vaccine schedule, please source out reputable doctors who are willing to have this discussion. If your doctor is not open to the discussion of an alternate schedule or even the vaccine debate, you may want to find one that will. After all, Doctors are hired help and are paid to help us, if they are not helping they may be hindering.

Other sources for vaccine information include the research work of Dr. Stephanie Cave and the reputable and well known Dr. Sears from ask Dr. Sears.

FYI, did you know that the FDA is partially funded by the pharmaceutical corporations. Who’s your daddy?


“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.”

-Albert Einstein