How fulfilled are you?

Assess where you are with these 6 essentials for well-being. Use a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being filled) and be honest with yourself.

1. Calm Mind (the foundation)

  • Stop the monkey mind merry go round.
  • Prevent stress AND have resilience when you need it.
  • Restore, create, and turn a calm mind ON.

2. Nourished Body

  • Get restriction and guilt out of your life.
  • Eat for energy and mood.
  • Clean your body with food to release toxins and weight naturally.

3. Restorative Rest

  • Stop stressing over the hours and focus on quality.
  • Establish the right biochemistry needed for restorative rest.
  • Balance your hormones naturally.

4. Authentic Connection

  • Live from your true strengths.
  • Establish healthy boundaries for connections you want.
  • Nurture relationships and connections in communities that fill you.

5. Joyful Movement

  • Move without a burden and trust your body.
  • Be steady and consistent with movement that’s life giving.
  • Improve your mental strength with mind – body awareness.

6. Aligned Living

  • Honor who you are.
  • Connect with your hearts desire.
  • You get to choose YOU.

Here’s what’s important to know:

There’s no fences in the body.

What we do in one area – by extension – affects another.

When we know better, we do better AND sometimes it’s just a question of being taught.

Most of us weren’t taught how to care for our own well-being. To truly live from a place of joy and vitality in the everyday.

Replenish your reserves and live in optimal vitality with the life rhythm tools and teachings from the Essential 6 ~ I can show you how.

We were designed for wellness.