restore JOY ~ reclaim SANITY ~ revitalize Y-O-U

The Essential 6 Pillars

Calm Mind

Reduced Stress through a Calm Mind
  • Stop the monkey mind merry go round.
  • Restore, create, and keep a peaceful state of tranquility and grace.
  • Learn how to prevent stress AND have resilience when you need it.

Nourished Body

Vitality & Ideal Weight from a Nourished Body 
  • Get the guilt and restriction out of your life.
  • Learn how to eat for energy and mood.
  • Clean your body with food to release toxins and weight naturally.

Restorative Rest

Increased Energy with Restorative Rest 
  • Sleep hygiene and secrets to a good night’s sleep.
  • Understand the biochemistry needed for restorative rest.
  • Balance your hormones to follow our blueprint for design.

Authentic Connection

Joyful Relationships through Authentic Connection

  • Learn to live from your true strengths in order to foster healthy relationships that grow and feed our souls.
  • Know your needs and the connections you want for creating healthy boundaries.
  • Hold your space, energy, and access to you for true inner vitality.

Joyful Movement

A Strong Body with Joyful Movement
  • No burden exercise by learning to trust your body beyond the sacrifice that’s too often taking place.
  • How to be steady and consistent with movement that’s healing.
  • Improve your mental strength with a deeper connection between mind – body and the movements we crave.

Aligned Living

A Passion Driven Life through Aligned Living

  • Connect with your essential core values.
  • Create your path and live from within.
  • Stay true to the story of Y-O-U and honor who you really are.

When we know better, we do better AND sometimes it’s just a question of being taught.

Most of us weren’t taught how to care for our own well-being. To truly live from a place of joy and vitality in the everyday.

When you learn the life rhythm teachings & tools based on these essentials AND put them into practice, you can truly replenish your reserves to reclaim your life and live from vitality.

We were designed for wellness.